Why We’re Different

Gamble Media Group is a consultancy comprised of some of the top marketing and strategy professionals in Texas, with a few chipping in from other parts of the US and Europe also.

Decades of experience and a strong, proven understanding of how to implement and execute on successful marketing projects in 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2019 make us great producers.

Professionalism and a sense of humor plus a really low tolerance for drama make our people fun to work with.

These are some of the philosophies we embody:

When it comes to working with us, this is the most important phrase you can get to learn. Here’s what it means:

We will never steer you toward a particular technology, vendor, solution or project for any reason other than it is the single best fit for your marketing needs at that time.

You may be thinking, “Wait, don’t all marketing companies do this?”

And the answer is “Absolutely not.” Or else we wouldn’t have to make this promise to you.

Marketers who have only ever worked within an agency have a distinct set of perspectives—borne of the wild, creative environment and unique co-working atmosphere that comes from serving many clients at once. They don’t have to deal with vendors or budgets. Agency people are specialists who implement one set of niche skills across many client accounts. They are out-of-the-box thinkers and innovators.

Marketers who have only ever worked in-house, for one company at a time, have a different set of distinct perspectives—driven by budget concerns, the razor-sharp focus on one set of marketing goals, and matrix reporting to multiple stakeholders. Client-side marketers are generalists, who have to execute multiple marketing stacks in daily service to one organization. They are pragmatic, problem-solving diplomats.

These are two distinctly different environs, both of which polish different skills in a marketing professional. GMG principal Tracy Gamble is experienced in both—delivering marketing skills to a multitude of clients while agency-side, and also delivering success to her employers as a client-side marketing exec in financial, IT, legislative, real estate, non-profit, professional services, and Fortune 500 firms.

The ability to deliver like an agency, yet with a first-hand understanding of the needs of the modern-day marketing director, is a unique asset of Gamble Media Group.

What it means for you is superior insight and an improved marketing experience.

These are some old-school strategy and communications services that most firms simply can’t offer—because the experience isn’t easy to come by, plus fewer clients are demanding these skills. Governmental affairs, policy advisory, advocacy, coalition-building, B2G business strategy, campaign management and community relations are in the stack of “special services” offered by Gamble Media Group.

Principal Tracy Gamble has had over a decade of experience in effective public sector interaction, from city halls to international parliaments. She has a broad background in campaign and political communications, and in facilitating dialogue between public and private entities. Learn more about our public-sector services.

We tell the truth. This isn’t just about the Solution-Agnostic Approach, but also about how Gamble Media Group does business in general. When we contract with clients and vendors, we do so with integrity and accountability.

When we disagree with you, we will say so—nicely! Clients hire us for our educated, objective candor, not because they like yes-men and bobbleheads.

A good business relationship means mutual trust and respect. We won’t settle for anything less, and neither should you.

Tracy Gamble is the principal of Gamble Media Group. She oversees all clients, projects and engagements.

Tracy has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, communications and business development. Learn more at her LinkedIn profile, and feel free to connect there too.

In January 2015, Tracy was named Sole Proprietor Business of the Year by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. She is also a graduate of Leadership Frisco Class XIII, served on the City of Frisco Charter Review Committee, member of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 178, and is a past president and advisor on the executive board of Frisco Women’s League.