Marketing Management

  • Maybe you don’t need another full-time marketing exec.

But you need something. The sooner you delegate these necessary but frustrating pieces of your business to someone else, the sooner you can get back to the important stuff: growing your company and making money.

There are options other than hiring a large agency with high overhead. We provide flexible, contracted management of your marketing solutions, made possible by our domain expertise and strong team.

Drill down into these steps for more detail:

Is it a project?

  • Tactical, clearly defined
  • Very specific goals, timeline and endpoint
  • Less than three months to achieve all deliverables
  • Examples: “Management of a trade show”, “Train staff on Twitter”, “Oversee design and printing of new collateral”

Is it a short-term engagement?

  • More strategic input
  • Broader requirements
  • Less than six months to achieve all deliverables
  • Examples: “Develop 2013 strategic marketing plan”, “Campaign for local election”, “Plan and oversee the Q4 holiday promotion including vendor management”

Is it a long-term engagement?

  • Complex strategic + tactical
  • Broadest requirements, more big-picture
  • Longer than six months, or even open-ended
  • Might involve part-time on-site
  • Examples: “Develop, execute and oversee all social media for 2013”, “Daily content creation and audience management for all external corporate websites”, “Design and implement year-long event marketing strategy and represent the company at conferences”

Once the big picture of the engagement is clear, we will sketch in the fine details for you via an engagement proposal that includes the project management approach and scope.

  • Explicitly states scope, goals, budget and deliverables
  • Roles, timelines and milestones are included
  • Mutual expectations are clearly listed
  • We blend proven project management techniques with your company’s culture and style
  • Expenses and invoicing processes are confirmed
  • Together, we discuss possible unforeseen hurdles or circumstances

Once we’ve made any necessary changes to the proposal, you give the greenlight. The engagement agreement becomes our roadmap for successful execution.

We don’t need hand-holding… but neither do we go MIA for four months and return on the last day with a big presentation binder, voila!

Commonly, our clients request more interaction and update in the first 25% of the engagement, which begins to decrease as they see progress and grow more comfortable with and trusting of our performance. We are an open-door agency, so we will provide as much info along the way as you like. Daily or weekly updates, whatever you need. These progress reports will be built into the engagement doc.

When an engagement closes, we will have a final meeting to present outcomes, review metrics, discuss findings, and share information on next steps. We will make recommendations for your future efforts in the project area, and deliver the documents and files that were developed during the engagement.

For open-ended engagements, we will have periodic benchmarks to review the forward progress of the solutions.

We bring experience and best practices in marketing and management to the table.
Let our expertise take marketing off your plate.