Social and Mobile

This is the present and future of marketing.

  • You have to go where the people are. It’s that simple.

Whether you view social and mobile marketing as necessary evils… or whether you embrace them as your core communication tool… Gamble Media Group can provide support.

There are a dozen “consultants” on every corner who claim social media expertise, and a hundred more agencies who hired a 23-year-old and called it a “social media team”. Just having a Twitter account, though, doesn’t equal “social media skills”—not the kind that make money, anyway.

We are demonstrated experts, thanks to almost 20 years in the field (we were blogging before the word “blog” existed, no kidding), plus early adoption in the top general-interest platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, along with target audience sites like SnapChat, LinkedIn, Yelp, Reddit, and many more.

We’d love to show you some eye-popping case studies of our lucrative, effective social campaigns and projects.

We can identify what social and mobile channels you really need (no, the answer isn’t “all of them”!), and help you implement strategically on the correct platforms. We can train your staff on the differences in social media environments, and teach them how to manage those tools in a timely and responsive manner. We can develop social advertising plans and help you determine budgets and calendars.

Or we can handle all that for you.

Either way, social media and mobile marketing will stop being “Ugh, don’t make me think about it” and instead become “Wow, why didn’t we do this before?”

  • Social Media Analysis and Strategy Development
  • Profile and Content Creation
  • Social Platform Advertising Strategy
  • Platform-Appropriate Graphics and Icons
  • Profile Management and Analytics
  • Audience Development and Engagement
  • Brand Consistency Across All Platforms
  • Training for Your Marketing Managers

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